Expressing opinions with superlatives

Expressing Opinions & Superlatives

Superlatives are used to express superiority. There are two types of superlative forms, usually based on the number of syllables in the adjective or adverb. Typically, for short adjectives like “easy”, we add (the) + “-est” to the adjective Ex. “the easiest”. For longer adjectives like “competent”, we use (the) + “most” before the adjective. Ex. “the most competent”. The same is true for adverbs, though some forms may change. Ex. “the easiest” versus “the most easily”. 

# of syllables Form Example
1-2 the adj+estorthe adv+estTyping on a computer is the easiest.Martha types the fastest.
2+the most + adjective (+)the most + adverb (+)the least + adjective (-)the least + adverb )-)Sarah is the most competent.Mike is the least competent.
Exceptionsgood = the bestbad = the worstfun – the most funthe bestthe worstBalancing the books is the most fun.

Superlative Examples

Table below shows examples of short and long adjectives in superlative form. Use table below to help you complete the exercises in this module.

Adjective Sentence with adjective Sentence with a superlative
good The report is very good. The report is the best.
effective The salesman is effective. The salesman is the most effective.
expensive The new photocopier was expensive. The new photocopier was the most expensive.
cheap This pen is very cheap. This pen is the cheapest.
fast The typist is quite fast. The typist is the fastest.
honest The accountant is not very honest. The accountant is the most honest.
transparent Their account is transparent. Their account is the most transparent.
risky The venture is risky. The venture is the riskiest.
bold That is a bold market tactic. That is the boldest market.
Adverb Sentence with adverb Sentence with a superlative
good You are driving well. You are driving the best.
effective He is writing effectively. He is writing the most effectively.
always She is always efficient. She is always the most efficient.
correctly You write correctly.You write the most correctly.
quickly She types quickly. She types the quickest.
rarely He rarely uses the fax machine. He uses the fax machine the least.
adequately The employee works adequately. The employee works the most adequately.
precariously The pilot navigates precariously. The pilot navigates the most precariously.
bold The salesman boldly negotiates. The salesman negotiates the most boldly.